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Spicy Life & GlampYourLand


Introducing Your Gateway to Land Ownership Connection

In collaboration with Spicy Life, GlampYourLand presents a groundbreaking approach to land acquisition. Our innovative off-grid complete "glamping kit" allows you to experience your potential property firsthand during or before making a commitment. Explore the beauty and connect to your land before purchasing. Moreover, we streamline the buying process by offering customizable dome homes, complete with luxurious amenities like bathrooms and kitchens, all off the grid. These homes can be ready in just 4-6 weeks, no permits required.

We're bridging elegance and sustainability!

With land opportunities in Costa Rica, achieving self-sustainability is effortless. From bountiful harvests to potential glamping rentals, it's a win-win on a happiness scale.

Embrace a life of abundance and liberation with us! Welcome to your new beginning.



Fully Customizable

We customize your dome according to your needs and comfort! They can even be equipped with air conditioning and internet services.


Connect to the Land

We will connect you to the land and teach you about native plants and species. For your dome home, we can also help you set up and learn to care for your very own herb garden.

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