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Your Local Expert Real Estate Agents

Pepe Lopez is a local Tico, born and raised in the area.  He is a bit of a local celebrity because of all the things he does for the community here.  He is also the owner of Spicy Life Hot Sauce, a local favorite. Certified Real Estate Agent with deep connections in the area he is able to find the best deals on homes and land for sale that the big real estate companies don't hear about.  Pepe is truly one of kind and is always on a mission to spread the positive vibes and give back like no one else does to this beloved community.


Carl Ray Johnson moved to Costa Rica 3 years ago and started a video production company called Costa Rica Filmmakers.  He shoots a lot of real estate in the area and Pepe and him decided to band together to offer affordable properties.  He has become a trusted member of the community through all the many videos he has produced for businesses here.  All of the community project videos were created by Carl and are a big focus of Spicy Life Real Estate so check out how we give back in the "Giving Back" tab. 

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