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Amazing 44 Acre Productive Farm in San Vito with Spring Water & Natural Resources

Puntarenas Province, San Vito, Costa Rica

For Sale


Property Description

Welcome to a very special offer, this property is located in the community of Unión de Limoncito, belonging to the district of Limoncito, Coto Brus just 20 minutes to San Vito where you find all the amenities like Supermarkets, Shops, Pharmacies, Banks and others, it consists of a total of 17.5 hectares (44 acres), of land divided into 5 plot maps, which could be gathered in a single farm if so required by the buyer.

The property has a series of characteristics that make it a valuable asset for those who are looking for privacy, since its access is through a public road 1.3 kilometers from the main road that connects to San Vito from Coto Brus.

The access road is dead end, which indicates that it ends right at the farm gate and that together with the fact that 300 meters before reaching the end of the road, the properties on both sides of the street are also part of the offer of sale, the foregoing ensures that there should be no more visitors on this road, other than those who reside or visit the farm. This fact ensures absolute privacy of the farm, with access from public roads.

The property has its own spring water from which the drinking water of the house that the farm has is taken directly, without the use of chlorine or other additives, the water is 100% pure and drinkable and an own concession could be obtained so that it can only supply the current or future home that you want to build on the farm. Also, there is a real possibility of being able to access drinking water from the rural aqueduct, which is 100 meters away from the location of the house and which, if required, can be accessed. It

is important to note that the quantity and quality of the spring water has not made it necessary to access water from the rural aqueduct.

The property is surrounded by two streams (water tributaries) that have a flow at any time of the year, which ensures permanent water on the farm, in addition, in each of the streams there are waterfalls (waterfalls) that can be seen throughout the year. 

Productive activities carried out on the farm.

Some productive activities carried out on the property are described, some are in force and others are no longer producing, but all the conditions are in place to implement them again.

Production of vegetables in the hydroponics modality

For 5 years, 2012-2017, the farm was a producer of agricultural products using hydroponics with a charcoal-based substrate and volcanic lava sediment stone. Some images of this production are attached, which could be implemented at the time required. A planting of 9,000 lettuces was maintained, in addition to cilantro, celery and chili, being able to also produce tomato, radish, chives, cucumber, green beans and other vegetables.

Cattle and goat production

At the finca, a bovine cattle project is currently being developed, which has 20 animals, dedicated to cattle breeding, additionally, the facilities are being prepared to maintain in a semi-stalled system the amount of 50 fattening steers, for which prepared the sowing areas of short grass and buttercup. It is important to point out that, due to the conditions of the farm, sheep, goats, pigs and even rabbits could also be produced.

Potential exploitation of ballast material or use for internal roads.

Within the property there is a vein of ballast material whose base is volcanic lava, hence its color is Gray, it is used with some frequency in roads, or the sand is used in construction. It has all the conditions to be exploited commercially, with an investment of $35,000 in the process of granting material for 25 years.

Potential foray into tourism activities

Bungalows or cabins could be built to accommodate foreign visitors.

Property has two houses

The property offered for sale also includes two houses of approximately 90 square meters of construction each.

Cool climate and healthy environment

The climate of the farm is cool with temperatures ranging between 18-30 degrees Celsius, with a rainy season of approximately 9 months. The environment is absolutely calm, healthy and healthy, also very safe.

Contact Agent

Adrian Quesada

+506 8628-7149

Property Details

Property Type

Farms & Land




44 Acres


Year Built

Property Location

Puntarenas Province, San Vito, Costa Rica

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